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16Sep 2022
State Fund

Three In-Person Safety Seminars in Riverside

In-person seminars are coming back! State Fund offers FREE safety seminars throughout the year. These seminars are presented by experts in loss prevention, ergonomics, and industrial hygiene, and are designed to help you reduce the risk of injury at your … Read more »

24May 2022
State Fund

6 Ways to Beat Heat Illness – Just in Time for Summer

With summer around the corner, are your clients prepared? Each year thousands of workers across the nation become ill when exposed to excessive heat. Approximately 50 to 70 percent of heat illness cases happen during the first few days of … Read more »

11May 2021
State Fund

Take the Tour of to Discover Even More About Our Safety Resource Center offers an extensive library of resources to help your clients create safe working environments and much more. Before your next visit, we recommend watching this short video demonstrating how employers can: Build an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) … Read more »