10Jan 2023

Voice of the Customer Survey Results

Feedback is a gift. Good, bad, or ugly, we appreciate the honesty of our customers and what we learn from listening. Last fall, more than 275 brokerage employees and 2,400 policyholders completed our Annual Voice of the Customer survey. The results provided us with invaluable feedback as we strive to provide better experiences for our customers.

What Brokers Said:

  • 94% stated they are likely to encourage their clients to renew with State Fund.
  • 86% indicated being satisfied with State Fund.
  • New tools like live chat and BindNow are making it easier to do business with State Fund.

What Policyholders Said

  • Customer satisfaction with State Fund for policyholders improved over 2021 from 60% to 73%.
  • Enhancements to State Fund’s one-time payment portal have increased policyholders’ satisfaction, and was a key driver of the overall customer satisfaction score.
  • Our scores for customer support and premium audit process have improved in 2022 due to shorter wait times and our new audit system that enables secure document upload.

Our annual customer survey is an important way for our customers to help us improve services to our brokers and policyholders. Many thanks to all of you who completed the survey. If you didn’t take the survey last year, we hope you will take it this year when we distribute it again in the fall. We always welcome your feedback and greatly appreciate your support.

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