10Jan 2023

An IIPP is Required by Law – We Make Building One Easy

Preparing an Injury and Illness Prevention Program—or IIPP for short—is the first step to a safer workplace. It’s also a Cal/OSHA requirement for all employers. State Fund’s IIPP BuilderSM can help all of your clients build an IIPP fast, easy, and free. For one California employer, it made all the difference.

“Having an IIPP is essential and gave me a starting point for talking about safety with our team. State Fund’s IIPP BuilderSM enabled me to create an effective safety program quickly and build it around our work processes and hazard controls.” – Keona Fulcher, HR General Manager, Cornerstone Delivery Service. Click here to read more about Keona’s experience.

The IIPP BuilderSM makes the complex task of creating an IIPP simple. It guides the user through all parts of the IIPP and creates a compliant safety program for their business tailored to their operations. It’s a powerful tool for workplace safety and compliance and it’s available to all California employers.

You can help your clients comply with Cal/OSHA’s requirement and protect their most important asset: their employees. To get started, check out our IIPP BuilderSM page on

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