16Sep 2022

State Fund to Discontinue Writing USL&H Coverage

Effective January 1, 2023, we will no longer write or renew USL&H policies. We will continue to cover all existing USL&H policyholders through the end of their current policy term. In addition, we will administer and adjust all claims, and provide statutory benefits for any injury claims that are filed now or in the future that are for injuries that occurred during the coverage period of the expired policies.

State Fund began offering USL&H coverage in 1976, at a time when many carriers were hesitant to do so. During this crisis of availability, State Fund was able to provide critical USL&H coverage for California employers to help protect our maritime, harbor and dry-dock workers.

Over the years, the USL&H market has stabilized, and now that coverage is widely available, our market share has significantly decreased. The investment required to administer and maintain the USL&H line of business is significant, and there is not sufficient premium to cover the administrative costs associated with it. We are not required to provide USL&H coverage, rather we have statutory authorization to issue USL&H as an optional line of business for State Fund.  State Fund’s primary charter is to offer workers’ compensation insurance to California’s employers and we remain fully committed to that purpose.

It’s important to us that this change brings minimal disruption to our USL&H policyholders. This change does not impact the existing California workers’ compensation policies also issued to our USL&H policyholders. We are ready and able to continue serving their workers’ compensation needs; including renewing their workers’ compensation policies.

If you have clients who are impacted by this change, we are available to help answer questions and provide additional support as needed. Please don’t hesitate to contact your USL&H Underwriter.

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