24May 2022

Policyholder Dividends for the Third Consecutive Year

Our strong investment income strategy and a variety of initiatives over the past few years have helped us reach a point where issuing dividends is the right thing to do for our customers. For the third consecutive year, State Fund will be paying dividends to qualifying policyholders. “We are always looking for ways to help our policyholders improve their bottom lines and invest in California’s economy and we’re pleased to be able to provide this support,” said State Fund President & CEO Vern Steiner.

A 5 percent estimated annual premium (EAP) dividend will be paid to qualifying policyholders with policies that took effect between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021.

Secondly, we will pay a 5 percent Large Account Safety Dividend to qualifying policyholders with policies with inception dates in 2021. Policyholders with Standard Premium of $500,000 or greater at date of policy inception may qualify for this dividend if they meet all the eligibility criteria.

If you have any questions regarding dividend eligibility or payments, please contact your Senior Marketing Representative.

Disclaimer: Under California law, it is unlawful for an insurer to promise the future payment of dividends under an unexpired workers’ compensation insurance policy or to misrepresent the conditions for dividend payment. Dividends are payable only pursuant to conditions determined by the Board of Directors or other governing board of the Company following policy expiration. It is a misdemeanor for any insurer or officer or agent thereof, or any insurance broker or solicitor, to promise the payment of future workers’ compensation dividends. Past dividend performance is no guarantee of an insurer’s future dividend performance.

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