24May 2022

BindNow Release Successful!

With the recent release of the BindNow application on March 26, 2022, we simplified the submission and binding process for small commercial policies. Now these policies can be bound in a matter of minutes.

Feedback from our broker partners has been very positive regarding BindNow. To ensure that we’re addressing our brokers’ needs, we established a Small Commercial Advisory Council. We look forward to working together to make future enhancements to the system.

Here’s a peek at what a few of our brokers had to say about BindNow:

“The new portal is so easy. Wow.”


“I love how easy it is.”


“It blew my mind how easy it was and I did not expect this from State Fund.”


“It is so much easier. I used to not want to go into the system because you ask for so much and more than the next carrier. I like that you can get a quote right away.”

To answer your questions about BindNow, we have developed these FAQs. If you have further questions, please reach out to your State Fund Marketing Representative or call State Fund Customer Support at (888) 782-8338.

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