08Feb 2022

Build Up Your Clients’ Workers’ Compensation Knowledge by Sharing State Fund’s Growing Library of On Demand Webinars

Take the mystery out of workers’ compensation by sharing our expanding library of Employer Education webinars. California employers have ten workers’ compensation topics to choose from, and there are more presentations to come in 2022!

Our webinars cover a broad range of workers’ compensation topics. Visit to explore both our Employer Education and Workplace Safety webinars.

Employer Education On Demand Webinars

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Workers’ Compensation Basics View Webinar
Claims Management View Webinar
Advanced Claims Topics View Webinar
Understanding the Premium Audit Process View Webinar
Advanced Premium Audit Topics View Webinar
Your Workers’ Compensation Policy View Webinar
The New “ABC” Test – AB 5 & AB 2257 View Webinar
SB 1159 – Employer COVID-19 Reporting Requirements View Webinar
Workplace Safety 101 View Webinar
Workers’ Compensation Fraud View Webinar
Workers’ Compensation for Contractors and Construction View Webinar

Course Descriptions

Workers’ Compensation Basics 

This webinar provides an overview of California’s workers’ compensation system and covers topics such as what is workers’ compensation, what workers’ compensation covers, rates and premium calculation, what to do when a claim occurs, how to create a safe workplace, and much more.

Claims Management 

One of our most popular webinars, Claims Management walks through the life of a workers’ compensation claim and provides key information on what to do when an employee is injured, how to file a claim, MPN, Return To Work, and much more.

Advanced Claims Topics

This webinar delves into aspects of more complex claims including Permanent Disability Rating Calculations, QMEs and Medicare Set-Asides.

Understanding the Premium Audit Process

Our most popular webinar, Understanding the Premium Audit Process has served to help employers prepare for their workers’ compensation policy audit. We discuss how the audit process works, what records are required, what is considered payroll, and the most common payroll reporting errors.

Advanced Premium Audit Topics

This webinar expands on our Understanding the Premium Audit Process presentation by reviewing general classification rules, classification definitions and phraseology, governing rules for payroll inclusions and exclusion, and much more.

Your Workers’ Compensation Policy 

This webinar was designed specifically for State Fund policyholders. Our presentation walks through the life of a State Fund policy, from the information required to price a policy, to billing and payment options, requesting policy changes, and if needed, filing a claim. We also review State Fund services, our specialized claims management and industry-leading loss prevention services.

The New “ABC” Test – AB 5 & AB 2257

In 2020, Assembly Bills 5 and 2257 changed the method to determine employment status in California. This webinar reviews the new “ABC” test and the changes to the labor code brought about by AB 2257. Most importantly, we discuss the impact it may have on your client’s business.

SB 1159 – Employer COVID-19 Reporting Requirements 

This webinar breaks down the employer reporting requirements set forth by SB 1159, which will remain in effect until January 1, 2023. California employers are still required to report incidents where an employee tested positive for COVID-19. Viewers will learn how to report COVID-19 positive test results and other aspects of the law.

Workplace Safety 101

This educational webinar walks through the steps to build a strong safety culture and meet the state requirements for an IIPP, Illness and Injury Protection Plan. We review the eight elements of an effective IIPP, safety communication and training, hazard assessment, accident investigation and much more.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Effectively fighting fraud is an important step in keeping insurance costs down. State Fund experts from our Special Investigation Unit have put together a comprehensive overview of workers’ compensation fraud to help you to identify and prevent fraud.

Workers’ Compensation for Contractors and Construction

California construction and contractor businesses have unique insurance, employee classification, and safety requirements. In response to these industry-specific needs, State Fund has developed an educational webinar to review the rules and regulations that apply to construction operations.

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