09Sep 2021

State Fund Launches Nonprofit Return-To-Work Program

We are pleased to announce State Fund’s Nonprofit Return-To-Work Program.  This program helps injured employees get back to work within nonprofit organizations when their employers are unable to offer temporary transitional work onsite.

Our claims specialists assist in identifying eligible claims and refer them to an experienced vendor who will place injured employees with participating nonprofit organizations.  Our vendor will typically be able to secure a suitable assignment within two (2) business days of receiving a completed referral form.

You may ask, “What are the benefits of the program?”

Participation may potentially:

  • Keep injured employee actively performing meaningful tasks
  • Shorten the injured employee’s period of disability
  • Expedite the injured employee’s recovery and return to full duty
  • Benefit employer who wants to control claims costs and retain valuable employees
  • Allow the employer to give back to the community while helping the injured employee
  • Allow injured employee to gain alternate skill by volunteering and earn income during the recovery process

Please contact your State Fund Claims Liaison or Marketing Representative if you have questions about this program or wish to learn more.  You may also call (888) 782-8338 for support.

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