18Jan 2021

Introducing State Fund’s Online Safety University

Teaching employees to do their jobs safely and correctly is every business owner’s responsibility, and State Fund is committed to helping our policyholders do just that with our new Online Safety University℠. This free online safety training resource is available to all policyholders to help comply with state safety laws, educate employees on workplace hazards, and keep workers safe.

Created exclusively for State Fund policyholders, the Online Safety University℠, is a learning platform with more than 200 workplace safety courses, 59 of which are available in Spanish. The learning platform allows employers to assign training to their workers and track course completion, run reports, and print transcripts.

With a focus on convenience, State Fund’s Online Safety University℠ is accessible online anytime at User support is available during normal business hours by contacting our Safety Support Unit.

State Fund’s Online Safety University℠ is a workplace safety learning platform and does not provide university accredited course credits. Some of the courses satisfy Cal/OSHA employee training requirements.

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