05Aug 2020

State Fund Expands Green Efforts in 2020

State Fund recently entered into an agreement with ENGIE Services of North America to install solar panels consisting of more than 10MW of solar production with accompanying battery storage at six of our locations. Along with this project, we’re adding more new electric vehicle charging stations and expanding renewable energy within our pool car fleet by purchasing several new longer range electric vehicles.

“Increasing our efforts and investment around sustainability will bring a number of benefits to State Fund, our surrounding communities, and California as a whole,” said Andreas Acker, EVP and Chief Administrative Officer. “The project with ENGIE is a huge step forward in our drive to reduce our use of fossil fuels, limit the load we place on local and statewide electrical grids, and improve overall air quality.”

The solar installations will generate approximately 17,406,353 kWh of clean energy annually, offsetting about 13,556 tons of greenhouse emissions. That’s equivalent to taking about 2,613 cars off the road or planting 203,449 trees every year. The accompanying energy storage systems will allow us to store solar energy and avoid buying power from electric utilities during the most expensive “peak” times–all part of our efforts to keep operating costs down overall.

State Fund is committed to doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint and expand our use of renewable energy.

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