04Aug 2020

State Fund’s New MPN – Bringing Better Quality Care to California’s Injured Workers

We’re moving our MPN management in-house in order to cultivate stronger relationships with our medical providers.

With the launch of our new State Fund MPN, we’ve created a team of specialists to focus on relationship building. They’ll engage with doctors directly about our initiatives, build awareness and facilitate training to drive adoption, set performance expectations, and resolve issues as needed.

Managing our MPN in-house is also a win for our policyholders, as it allows us to deliver a quality customer experience. In-house medical access assistants (MAAs) will locate doctors and make medical appointments. As part of our State Fund team, we know they share our values and commitment to putting the customer first.

Here’s what you should know about State Fund MPN

  • It will continue our outcomes-based approach.
  • We carefully select our doctors and hold them to the highest standards.
  • It will include many of the same physicians currently treating our injured workers.
  • Injured employees with existing claims can keep seeing their same doctors.
  • Effective July 27, 2020, employees who are injured or become ill, elect to change doctors, or those who receive a specialist referral must select providers from our new network.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial that we build strong relationships with medical providers. Bringing our MPN in-house will make communicating with them easier and more effective, and help us achieve our long-term goals on behalf of all our customers.

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