15Jan 2020

State Fund Welcomes Nurse Case Managers to Promote Early Recovery

State Fund policyholders have a new ally to help their injured workers pursue a quick recovery and timely return to work. As of December 2019, Nurse Case Managers have been introduced into our medical management program. The program is assisting State Fund in providing injured employees with optimal medical treatment during the early phase of a claim, reducing claim costs and litigation.

Nurse Case Managers perform clinical reviews of medications, diagnostics, and medical treatment options; research effective treatment alternatives and make recommendations to medical providers. In addition, they educate injured employees regarding diagnoses, medications, and treatments; and implement medication safety by monitoring prescription utilization, interactions, and dependence/addiction.

Approximately 10,000 cases have been referred for Nurse Case Manager services in 2019 alone and outcomes include less time off work, reduced paid medical expenses, improved closure rates, and greater employee satisfaction.

If you have any questions regarding our medical management program, please reach out to your State Fund Marketing Representative for more information.

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