15Jan 2020

New Premium Audit Tool Provides More Clarity for Your Clients

We are thrilled to share that starting in January, each policyholder will receive an Audit Summary Letter which will provide a more detailed overview of their premium audit.

In an effort to enhance our audit services and customer experience, we developed this letter to provide greater clarity and transparency to the policyholder. Policyholders will be informed of the results of their audits before they receive the final premium bill.

We are optimistic that this will provide a better premium audit experience.

We’ve already begun to roll out the Audit Summary Letter in Fresno and the Bay Area. We anticipate full implementation throughout California by the end of January 2020. Here are a few things we hope you’ll share with your clients:

  • Field Auditors will have conversations about the audit findings with the policyholder/designee at the time of the audit visit.
  • Once the audit is completed, the policyholder will receive the Audit Summary Letter by email.
  • The Audit Summary Letter will be available for review as part of the Audit Package in the Documents section on State Fund Online.

If you have any questions about the Audit Summary Letter or would like to see an example of the letter, please contact your State Fund Marketing Representative.

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