21Feb 2019

A Conversation with State Fund Underwriters – Communication Is Key To Supporting Our Broker Community

Underwriters Rochelle Small-Ware and Joy Macias hail from our Santa Ana office. These seasoned underwriters have a collective 30 years of experience between them, and together service one of State Fund’s largest broker books. They do it with a “can do” attitude and a smile. We asked Rochelle and Joy to share their thoughts on what a productive broker relationship looks like to them.

Joy:  Whether the carrier is the right choice for the broker and their account is to some extent determined by the quality of the relationship between the broker, underwriter, and carrier.

Rochelle:  Joy, you bring up a good point, when brokers and underwriters establish good rapport and trust, they develop an understanding about what each party needs to bind a quote, and provide that for each other. 

Joy: The role of the carrier in terms of making it easy to do business is significant too. A broker and underwriter can have a great relationship, but if the carrier can’t follow through with good claims service, or makes doing business difficult for the broker, then that three-legged stool of broker/underwriter/carrier won’t support the account.

Rochelle:  Joy, that is so true. The work between brokers and underwriters is collaborative and we are mutually dependent on each other for success.  

Joy:  Brokers bring in the majority of State Fund business, so we appreciate the opportunity to work with them, provide solutions, and give the best quote we can.

When asked for a few tips to ensure a successful relationship, Joy and Rochelle both agree that good information flow between brokers and underwriters is key. Brokers are often working on a deadline to get a quote, so both women also stress the importance of understanding each other’s needs, and being responsive. The result can be a rewarding relationship for the broker, underwriter, and carrier. Now that’s good business!

Thanks ladies!

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