19Jul 2018

State Fund WC Policies No Longer Required With USL&H Coverage

State Fund has historically stepped up to insure businesses that other carriers find too risky.  In fact, part of our very purpose is to act as an important safety net for the marketplace.  Providing USL&H coverage back in 1976 when other carriers did not is an example of State Fund coming to the rescue.  Back then, employers had a hard time finding USL&H coverage for their workers who needed protection. But times have changed.  As more carriers, specializing in this exposure, have entered the market, employers now have a great deal of choice for USL&H coverage.  Recognizing this, State Fund will no longer require policyholders to purchase both California workers’ compensation and USL&H policies from State Fund for your clients with maritime exposures.  Your clients now have the flexibility to purchase standalone USL&H policies from other carriers while using State Fund for their workers’ compensation.   We hope your clients take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy a boatload of savings by shopping their USL&H policies.

For more information contact your Senior Marketing Representative or visit to view State Fund’s US Longshore and Harbor Program – Special Workers’ Compensation for Maritime and Harbor Workers.

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