18Apr 2018

Teen Workers – Risks and Rewards

A summer job is a rite of passage for many teenagers. Teens may bring youth, enthusiasm, and extra help during the season in many industries. For the teenager, a summer job is an opportunity to earn income, learn good work habits and marketable skills, yet their inexperience can bring special challenges.

Statistically, teens are disproportionally more likely to be hurt on the job compared to adults. Some teens lack the maturity to take safety seriously or may be reluctant to ask for help, so training and supervision are especially important.  They are also subject to special laws and regulations including restrictions on how early and late they can work, total number of work hours per day, and tasks they are prohibited from performing depending on age such as;

  • driving
  • baking
  • roofing
  • logging/sawmill work
  • operating heavy equipment and more.

State Fund has many safety resources for you to use when hiring and training young people, including an interactive online tool in which you plug in the age of your teen worker and the industry they will work in to get specific restrictions and safety information. When you mitigate the risks young workers present through following the laws that apply to them, you are better able to reap the rewards of this eager and able workforce.

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