18Apr 2018

Keep on Truckin’ with Our New Trucking Team

State Fund has created a specialized underwriting team to exclusively service your trucking clients. We are committed to this important business sector by providing expert underwriting with an understanding of the industry’s unique and complex insurance needs, especially around distinguishing employees from independent contractors.

One way we plan to make the important distinction between employees and independent contractors, and to accurately price risk, is through a risk identification questionnaire. The questionnaire was developed with input and review from trucking industry associations and key brokers from across the state. The questionnaire will provide transparency to employers as to how State Fund identifies payroll for trucking accounts. The time spent upfront on this questionnaire will be critical in issuing an accurate quote.

Our new specialized Trucking Team is another example of how State Fund is continually examining the market and looking for needs to fill with innovating new ways to service you and your clients.

We’re ready for your trucking accounts! Contact your Senior Marketing Representative or our Broker Hotline at 1-800-834-2393 for more information.


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