18Apr 2018

Improving Customer Service with Our New Billing Services Unit

More than half of the calls to our Customer Service Center are billing related. This fact inspired us to create our new Billing Services Unit, a specialty unit staffed with trained experts exclusively assigned to handle billing issues.  Our goal with each call is to achieve immediate resolution of your clients’ billing issues.

The Billing Services Unit addresses payment plan requests, cancellation withdrawals, billing and audit questions, and disaster holds, to name a few.  We continue to reassess this unit for appropriate staffing and training to empower our service agents in meeting the needs of our customers.

In the coming months, our Customer Service Center will launch additional specialization in the areas of policy servicing and claims to further enhance our customers’ experience.

To reach the Billing Services Unit, simply press option “1” when calling our customer service number, 888-STATEFUND.


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