01Aug 2017

Help Your Clients Lower Their Claims Costs through Timely Reporting of Claims

Reporting claims timely has been proven to reduce costs. Claims costs generally rise as lag time increases between date of knowledge and date reported. In some cases the costs of claims can double.

Here are some simple and effective steps employers can take to improve the timely reporting of claims:

  • Train managers and frontline supervisors on the importance of reporting claims promptly. Conducting regular training sessions for managers and supervisors instills consistent reinforcement for the importance of timely reporting.
  • Make written procedures on how to file a workers’ compensation claim easily accessible. Written procedures that are handy for managers or supervisors to reference will eliminate a lot of “guess work” during the claims reporting process.
  • Encourage employees to report all claims. Educate and train employees regularly on the importance of reporting all injuries to keep it fresh in their minds, so when an injury occurs they will remember to immediately report the incident to management.
  • Reassure employees that there are no negative repercussions for reporting a claim. Develop a positive company culture and an open dialogue regarding workers’ compensation to reassure employees that they will not receive a negative response from reporting an injury.

State Fund offers convenient 24/7 claims reporting on State Fund Online, and by calling our toll-free Customer Service Center at (888) 782-8338. An expert claims representative will assist you with reporting an injury and locating a Medical Provider Network doctor.

Claims kits and employers’ required forms are available on

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